Lakorn With En Sub

Directory of subbed lakorns. To see a list of completed subbed lakorns, click HERE.
Note: I do not sub full lakorns, I do sub clips here and there, but I have never completed a subbed lakorn. Please thank the subbers, not me.


Raeng Pratana (Kim and Nadech): Watch it at youtubeUpdated 1/22/13

Panya Chon Kon Krua  (Kim and Mark) Watch it at Youtube.  Updated 10/27/12

Likit Fah Chata Din (Son, Mo, and Mike): Watch it at youtubeUpdated 10/12/12

Enchanted Moon (Stefan and Kob): Watch it at  youtube. Updated 9/16/12

Sao Noi (Son and Vill): Watch it at Viki.  Updated 8/6/12

Dok Soke (Charebelle and Pong): Watch it at Viki  Updated 5/5/12
Rak Prakasit (Aff and Por): Watch at Viki

Mam Gam Dang (Chakrit and Matt): Watch it at youtube Updated 4/21/12

Sentai…Salai Soht (Vee and  Noon): Watch it at youtube. Updated 2/5/12

Liam Ruk (Kwan and Vee): watch it at viki.

Look Mai Klai Ton (Kob and Andrew): Watch it at youtubeUpdated 10/23/11

Tookata Rerng Rabam (Paul and Pancake): Watch at Youtube. Updated 9/18/2011

Mon Ruk Mae Nam Moon (Jui and Weir): Watch at Youtube. updated 4/22/2011

Jamleuy Kammathep ( Chakrit and Cherry): Watch it at Viikii and youtubeupdated 4/17/2011

Daddy Duo (Four and Film): Watch at Viikii and Youtube. Updated 2/26/2011

Pla Lai Pai Daeng (Mart and Cherry): Watch it on Youtube. Updated 2/26/11

Beyond Comparison (Cherry and Chakrit): Watch it at Youtube. UPDATED 9/8/2010

Jao Sao Ban Rai (Por and Namfon): Watch it at Youtube. Updated 6/28/2009

Learm Prai Lai Rak (Rita and Aun):Watch it atyoutube Updated 6/3/10

Kularb Son Nam (Oil and Ae): Watch it at youtube. Updated 4/3/10

Sakul Ka (Mos and Vill): Watch it at youtube. Updated 3/29/10–only one video up

Jao Ying Lum Sing (New and Pinky):Watch it at Youtube. updated 2/5/2010

Dung Duang Haruthai (Weir and Kwan): Watch it at Youtube and here. Updated 12/28/09

Daughter-in-law Tornado (Kob and Paul): Watch it at Viikii. Updated 11/2/2009

Miss Kapaokai and Mister Kaidao(Hugo and Kob) Watch it at Viikii.

Samee Teetra (Anne and Au): Watch it at Youtube. Updated 8/23/09

Tang Fah Tawan Diew (Tik and Janie): Watch it at Youtube. UPDATED 6/5/09

Song Naree (Chakrit A. and Ann T.): Watch it at youtube.

Mon Ruk Kao Dtom Mud (Pat and Film): Watch it at Viikii.

Dong Poo Dee (Mart and Taew): Watch it at Viikii.

Ka Neung Ha (Ning and Patson): Watch it at Youtube. Updated 3/28/2009
[no pic, can't find lakorn poster]
Lued Kattiya (Tik & Aom): Watch it at Youtube and VEOH and Crunchyroll Updated 3/28/2009

Montra Haeng Ruk (Stefan and Jui): Watch it at youtube.

Leh Pummared (Pong & Pim): Watch it at Youtube.

Bpoop Phaeh Leh Ruk (Por & Aum): Watch it at Youtube. and continued.

Khun Paw Rup Jarng (Num & Kob): Watch it at Youtube and Veoh andContinued

Kwaam Lap Kong Superstar (Mos and Best): Watch it at Youtube.

Lerd Hong (Bee N. and ?): Watch it at Youtube.

Busaba Reh Ruk (Kob & Vee) Watch it at Youtube.


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